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My name is anna

My name is Anna Gray and I'm addicted to Facebook Groups. Polls, Posts, Conversations, Networking, Conversion, Engagement. I dream in Group ideas, I literally have conversations in my head.
For 10 years I have been running Facebook Groups.  Now I use my knowledge of Groups to teach you how to stop having a failing community, and instead run a THRIVING group where sales become easy.

I live just north of Los Angeles with my husband and my two teen/preteen daughters. Our favorite spot in the house is by far the couch, binge watching Survivor and This is Us episodes. We have a small obsession with the new show OZARK.
I'm the daughter of active-athletic parents who still are outside playing sports in their late 60s, sister to the best golfer on the planet in my eyes, and friend to the most awesome human beings on the planet.
I would love to hear from you.  If you struggle with building, launching or managing a Facebook group, let's chat!



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