My Top 3 Tips for Creating Engagement in your Facebook Group

📍My Top 3 Tips for Creating Instant Engagement In your Facebook Group📍

Let’s go ahead and assume you fall into one of these two scenarios.

1️⃣ You open your new FREE Facebook Group with maybe a 5 day challenge or a webinar and your group instantly grows!

Your Group is strong for the week the challenge has ended and you see a dramatic drop in your members showing up and engaging.


2️⃣ You’ve had your FREE Facebook Group for a very long time. There are lots of people in there but you have fallen out of love because it just feels like you’re talking to the wall. Why show up for them if they are not showing up for you?

Which one are you? Let me know below so we can have fun knowing WE ARE NOT ALONE. 👇🏼

The more who vote the more we will feel empowered.

Either way you’re not Crazy, you don’t Suck at what you do, you just have never really been taught how to run a successful Facebook Group.


1️⃣ - Create a Poll - Facebook LOVES POLLS! This is a perfect indicator of who is actually still around. I even suggest you set up a poll that is EASY to answer and may have nothing to do with the content of the group. You are having a conversation with your group members YOU + THEM. Here are a couple poll ideas to start with:

1 - What plans are in place for the summer for you? (give them 4 examples to start with)

2 - I’m having a hard time deciding on xxx. Which would you choose? (Give then examples they would definitely choose)

2️⃣ - Your Group wants to see you and connect with you! But what if you are busy at work, can’t go live, or you are having a major bad hair day? Use the Bitmoji app. I know it sounds so unprofessional. But seriously friend you want people to show up. If they can smile at your image and if it looks like the cartoon version of you then everyone wins! + Facebook Likes them *wink *wink

3️⃣ - Reach out and message anyone who has been active in your group EVER!

Click the message button - click the wave 👋 hand (don’t know why it works but it works) and shoot them a hello “I hope you have an awesome weekend!” And then for a bonus shoot them a voice message if you remember anything about them and ask them “how xxx is going for them”

The more you can do this, the more eyes will be BACK IN YOUR GROUP!!

My friend I have so many more tips for you —- if this connects - then make sure you check out my 💕FREE LIBRARY OF MAGICAL FREEBIES 💕


New Facebook Group Updates and how these will affect your Facebook Groups

It’s been a while since Facebook has launched a whole new Facelift to their mobile platform but this time Facebook Groups is at forefront for change.

See, facebook groups have been around since August of 2005, they have been used and abused, we’ve all been there, many of us hadn’t started using them until one of our friends went and added us to a group that we didn’t want to be a part of.

Remember those days?

For me, I have been utilizing Facebook Groups since 2009.

In fact, I build a 6 figure online business solely through Facebook Groups.  I have had 100s of groups, pop up groups, long-term groups, accountability groups, business groups, you name the group and I have started it and managed it.

So, why today?  Why are groups so important today?

Mark Zuckerberg, has been very vocal about creating a more “trustworthy platform”

“Everywhere you can see and connect with friends, you’ll be able to see and connect with groups; it’s going to be woven into the fabric of Facebook.” - Mark Zuckerberg
taken from the New York Times article April 30, 2019.

Also, people are using the Facebook platform differently than when it first started

“By far, the three fastest-growing areas of online communication are private messaging, groups and Stories,” Mr. Zuckerberg

So, what does this mean to you as a business owner or entrepreneur?

This means that right now you should be taking advantage of these changes.

We will see more in our feed from the Facebook Groups we are in than from what our friends post on their feed.  By doing this Facebook has less on their hands to control.  The Facebook Group owners control the content.

This means You my friend are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your group!

First here are some of the updates that are scheduled to roll out the first week of April 2019.

  1. They are focusing on Spotlighting Facebook Groups, creating a Facebook Groups Tab on the new Mobile App View

  2. The way Facebook will be displaying group posts will be in a designated space on your app.

  3. Facebook is making it easier to recommend your groups to others based on their activity. If you watch a video on a certain subject (they gave The Red Table Talk as an example) then Facebook will recommend to you to be a part of the group that may surround that topic (example the Red Table Talk Fan Group)..

  4. Facebook is focusing solely on Communication, Networking, and conversation, what happens to the information you share in your group? Yep I have a strategy for that!! (but you gotta watch above ;))'s something you may already have in your group.

    Facebook says it is integrating a Meet New Friends option into its new groups design to help people meet who may have a shared online interest and a real-world connection that means they can connect in the real world.  They are trying to connect your members for you!! SCORE!! 

Here are some great strategies you can use to maximize these changes!

  1. Since Facebook is going to be displaying group posts prominently I would suggest developing a set of hashtags for your groups to use where your members will automatically KNOW that the post they are seeing is from YOUR GROUP!  COME UP WITH THOSE #’S

  2. I would suggest you have your Facebook Page linked to your Facebook Group.  Not for you to use in your group as the “poster” but because if you are using live video on your page, Facebook is most likely going to recommend those who are watching your video to JOIN YOUR GROUP.  They want to help keep that conversation going…….. hint hint…. conversation is where it is at!

  3. Facebook want's to get the information dumping off your feed so they most likely will hide your Information posts/Links shared etc.  But don’t fret!!  Have those conversations around that information and UTILIZE THE UNIT FUNCTION in your groups.  It is there and we really have’t used or tested it to its greatest ability.  This will be an opportunity if you are a group that uses information as part of your content.  Go ahead and put that information in your units and make sure your members know it’s there.

Other Features that are being added to this new view

  1. Facebook is adding addition features to groups that are Support related groups like health and fitness groups.  If you have one of those groups your group members will be able to ask you to post on behalf of them.  Facebook is doing it’s best at protecting those who want their business private but encouraging those to also reach out for help.  I personally have not seen this feature in action but will be creating more training around it

  2. If you are a gamer you are in luck, Facebook is creating environments where gamers can come together in groups.  Again, I have not seen this in action but wanted to make sure and mention this as it has been announced this week.

If you are struggling with ENGAGEMENT IN YOUR GROUP and would like more help with utilizing these Strategies Join us in our weekly Workshop

Facebook Group Updates.png

How I’ve grown my email list using a Facebook Group

We have always been told that having an email list is a must in any business.


  1. It is the only thing you own in your business.

  2. If all the social media platforms that you are building your business on disappeared tomorrow you would still have a business.

  3. It is a way to ensure that your clients or future clients are receiving your message.

I am a Facebook Group expert and I FIRMLY still believe in this.

What if Facebook went away tomorrow?  Where would my business be?

(ha and if you were on Facebook March 13th you would know this is a legitimate problem at least for a day)

Don’t worry I have a back up plan?  I have a backup plan because I have an email list!

So how do you do both?

I will share with you how I have built my list and my Facebook Group all at once.

  1. When I invite people to my group, I make sure they go to a landing page first.  “Join my Community”, “Join my Workshop”,”Join us”.

    1. Send them to an optin page and make sure the Thank you page has the link for them to JOIN your group

    2. Make sure the first email you send them also has a link to your Facebook Group

  2. When you post any sort of information in your group, make sure the information you share has the ability to have your group members optin if they haven’t already.

    1. Sometimes people find your group outside of you sharing it but you want to make sure they end up on your list.

  3. Make sure you have an opportunity for them to Optin in your welcome post.  You will want to make sure they stay connected with you at all levels and the welcome page is an EASY way to ensure they see the opportunity.

  4. Every Optin I have out in the interweb’s thank you page, directs that person to my Facebook Group.

Your Email List and your Facebook Group should always go hand in hand!

Your goal is to have an equal number of Group Members to your Email list.

Bonus Tip:  Always weave your emails with what is going on in your community.   Maybe they left for some reason, give them an opportunity to come back.

Your Email List and your Facebook Group should always go hand in hand.

fb group list.png

Start using your Conversation Starter Posts

How to start transitioning into using Conversation Starter posts in your groups.

You’re totally convinced this is what your group needs, you get it!  You get that having a conversation about life and not necessarily what you sell you will start to really develop relationships around your group.

But how do you transition your group into receiving your posts?

I will admit, I was in information dumping mode lately and new I needed to start sharing my own conversation starter posts in my group.  My engagement was taking a hit and I knew what I needed to do.

But I sat looking at my phone before posting wondering, ok how do I transition this when my group is used to seeing a certain type of post?


Then I thought, if I am going through this so is everyone of my NEW MEMBERS starting to use these.

So, here are two easy ways to make a transition into doing it.

1 - Simply post.  “hey guys things are a little dry in here so I decided i want to get to know you more than me share my stuff, this group is about YOU and it’s only fair YOU get to share.

Moving forward you may see some changes in my posts.

My posts will be geared towards us as a community and what we have in common and OF COURSE will include what I am here put on this planet to do, help you with your xxxxxx

What do you say?  Let’s have some fun in here?”


2 - Start right away posting a conversation starter but ease into it.  Share “hey I am sitting here at my laptop getting some work done on my xxxxx and was thinking to myself……. gosh I could totally use some coffee/tea/water/ but I don’t have any, are you a huge coffee/tea/water/ lover too?  When you sit at your laptop and work or sit on your phone and scroll what is your drink of choice?”

What this does it tell people you are working on helping them because you are working on your computer, but it also eases them into having simple conversations.  This makes for a seamless entry into having simple conversations EVERYDAY.

Here is my example I used to transition my group into receiving my own Conversation Starter Posts.

I want to hear how you made the transition.

Share with us how you jumped in with two feet!

If you are unsure what Conversation Starters are. Here is an explanation

Come join in our own discussion in my free community if you are not already a member

Use your conversation starter posts

How to write Facebook Group Captions that sell

Your Facebook Group Captions are not working and I am here to tell you why!

Let’s dig deep!

You start your group and you post - you post your content - your content you THINK people need.

Let’s say you sell a digital course about Relationships with Money, you invite people to your free FB Group via a Relationship with money Checklist Freebie, like my friend Kat at

They enter the group going YAY!!! I found this place because I will set my money woahs at bay. Then tomorrow hits, the next day, the next month, the next year and you go ——wait?!?!? Where did all my people go? They don’t comment, they don’t like anymore? They were here but now their gone!

I know WHY, you wanna know??

Literally KNOW ONE Is talking about this..

They say —- go — post more engaging content, so you create challenges, you create calls to action about your money and NOTHING!

Here is why —

People join for the content + they stay for the COMMUNITY!

Think about this

You join a group because you connect to this Real Estate agent - you’re starting to look for houses but you’re not ready to pull the trigger but you love her vibe.

She shares Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate everyday

But you’re not focusing on Real Estate everyday in your life

So what is going to happen?

You tune her out —- not because you don’t like her but because you don’t need her today - or tomorrow - etc

Then you forget you’re in her group so you don’t check in 

She as the group leader goes ——> where did all my people go?? Why don’t they engage - comment - like - ask questions?

Flip the Script!! 

Hang out with them as human beings who connect and have ME TOO experiences and guess what??

When it’s time to look at houses — THEY CONNECT WITH YOU —— YOU’RE HUMAN —- you’ve had time to connect with them as a HUMAN!!

They know you sell houses because you weave that in the conversation naturally....

People know I play hockey and my friends call me Banana because I weave that in there.

When it’s time to share a resource you created —— share it in the group —- they love you and trust you and find you as a friend..

OK, so now you’re probably going WTH??!?!? How do I create posts like that?

the rock gif.gif

I’ve got your back, I have made it EASY as PIE!!

OMBG... Finally... something about Facebook and FB groups that actually makes sense! Thank you soo much. I never thought of it like that before! 💕
— Our Community Cafe Member

I created a program from my heart called CONVERSATION STARTER in November of 2018 after listening to my own Free Groups struggles with their engagement. I knew I had a gift of conversation starter captions when my free group said to me “YOU SHOULD SELL THESE, MY GROUP IS LOVING THESE SAMPLES”

So I did and the rest is history, we dig DEEP into groups and the psychology of why people do what they do.

This is not a simple JUST POST ENGAGING FACEBOOK GROUP GAMES. These posts are INTENTIONAL and create a ME TOO experience with your members so that YOU CAN SPEND TIME SELLING what


If you are not ready to dig into something like that then JOIN us in our FREE COMMUNITY where I share samples all the time that you can use.

FB Group Captions.png

What everyone ought to know about Creating a Facebook Group from scratch - 3 Simple Steps

Don’t be intimidated with creating a Facebook Group!

So many darn people hold off creating a group because they are terrified of failing.
Truth is you can fail at anything right?

So why not build a community where the people you want to hang out with - HANG OUT!

Let’s get to it.

You should already be active on Facebook as a user or a consumer.  Let’s face it, if you’re not on the platform now you probably won’t enjoy being on it now.

If you enjoy spending time with your virtual friends and would love to create a community wrapped around your business and your ideal client.

It’s time to start taking notes.

Let's Do this

1. Decide you are DOING THIS!  Like for REAL doing it!  A FB group done half-ass is a waste of time.  I’m not even referring to spending all day in a group.

I’m referring to deciding that


……..ok now that you’ve made that decision - the sky is the limit! 


2. Decide what Journey you want your members to go on.

(I know you wanted me to say - “pick the name of my group” - girlfriend you can find that all over the Internet!  I’m here to tell you what NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT! )

Repeat after me

“I want my community member to show up in this group and feel important, heard, and belongs.  I want them to show up without relying on the notifications because they want to be there.  They will have conversations about ____________ (your business) and how it relates to their life.  They will end the day saying I love _________ (your name)’s Group.  She totally GETS ME and I always feel like she is reading my mind.  She has taught me ________ this week and I’m going to use it!” 

If you can nail this ONE THING.

Your Group will be above the rest! 

create a name.png

3. Last but not least - PICK A NAME!

Your name should tell people what to expect in that group AND show up in a Search for “xx” (your service you provide) 

I’ll give you an example - I originally named my group the same name as my business “Community Cafe” (honestly nothing wrong with it, but wouldn’t you want your name to WORK FOR YOU while you sleep?). So, my FREE COMMUNITY is FACEBOOK GROUP SUCCESS - Community Cafe.

What is it for you? 

My friend Amber Gill - has titled her group BRAIN AND GUT HEALTH EXPLORERS (you tell me that doesn’t explain what to expect in the group?!) 

If you can cross off these 3 SIMPLE STEPS that are guaranteed to bring you a SUCCESSFUL FB GROUP than the rest will follow.  Creating a Facebook Group will be a piece of cake!

Come Share your group in the Free Community Cafe. 


How to Grow your Facebook Group

There are so many people out there who have failed at their Facebook Groups. I hope that is not you, I hope you are here because you want your group to grow and succeed.

I am not one to write a book either. So, I am going to shoot you a few tips I share regularly in FREE COMMUNITY CALLED the COMMUNITY CAFE.

1 - Make sure people who are checking your profile can quickly see where they can find your group. Add it in your profile.

2 - Find at least 3-5 Groups where your ideal clients would be hanging out, spend 10 minutes a day and be helpful and social in those groups. Building relationships are what is going to grow a hugely successful groups.

3 - Remind people you connect with that you have a group and it is THE place to be!

4 - Make sure it is in your signature line on your email.

Do these help? Come on in and let me know if these tips help or better yet come join us in our community where I share actionable items for your own FB group DAILY. Facebook Group Success - Community Cafe

See you there!

Why 1 post a day is A-Ok for your FB Group

You’re confused.

You want a successful, busy Facebook Group but you just don’t know what to post and how many posts to share.

What do people like?

When will people read them?

I’ll break it down for you.

People are busy! If you are lucky they will check your group 1 time a day without seeing any notifications. Heck that’s exactly what you want.

In the old days we used to post 3 posts a day. One in the morning, one at lunch and one in the evening. This way we would be more likely to catch our followers at the time they hopped on Facebook.

Nowadays the algorithm is tricky. Facebook will show your posts when it thinks its worth showing.

So, I am going to make it easy for you.

Create one JUICY post a day. One your members LOOK for

They know you are going to share YOU, share your wisdom, share your conversation, but they know that if they were to check in your group today, you would have something golden for them.

Look at that I just saved you at least 30 minutes in your day you would have spent writing those posts.

So instead, now make your post JUICY. Pay attention to what they need but remember people don’t need information ALL the time. They want belonging and community. So Conversation is KEY!

They will thank you for not inundating them with random posts you think they may like (that you are just pulling from your resources). They want you, respect their time and your time and give them something worth hopping in your group for.

If you’re struggling with Conversation, then make sure and hop in my FREE community where I talk about conversation and how to craft posts so that your group is that highly engaging group you are dying to have.

If you would like help with creating ACTUAL POSTS I have a program that may be perfect for you. I will save you even more than 30 minutes. See, I have done all the work for you. It’s called Conversation Starter! Here is a sneak peek of Decembers Conversation Starter


The 3 things your Facebook Group Posts are missing

You are a group owner, your engagement in your group just stinks to the high heavens!

You are wondering why you are still running a group? But you don’t want to let it go.

Did you know that your group members joined your group because they wanted to learn more about the focus you have to offer.

What can I learn in this group? Which is great, they learn.

But how do we keep them in the group and participating?

They stay for the emotional connection, they want to feel a part of the community.

How do we manage to keep them engaged and a part of the community?

We keep the conversation going. We craft posts that encourage your members to connect with you but most importantly connect with each other so that they STAY.

I would like to share with you the EASIEST way to craft your posts consistently so that your group members start talking.


This may take time at first but you will get the hang of it.

  1. Think of yourself - What did you have happen to you this week? What did you have going on in your life today? Your members are just like you otherwise they would not have connected with you in the first place. Remember storytelling is the best way to start your post!

  2. Think of them - Did they have a similar experience this week? Ask them, ask them how they relate - but make it super simple - they will not reply or comment if it takes too much time to think of their answer.

  3. Create a “Yea me too” experience - when you put together the two statements above you want to blend them together to create a “yea me too” experience. Your group wants to participate in something they can relate to. If they go “yea me too” they will comment and participate.

If you can do this on a consistent basis you will have created a thriving community. One where your members WANT to spend time in, one that is incredibly active and one that will lead to endless sales.

Thriving FB Groups are few and far between, you want to set yours above the rest.

If you still struggle with creating posts that engage, or run out of time make sure and sign up for my weekly “posts done for you” in your email HERE. I will send you a post every week that you can simply copy and paste in your Facebook Group for instant engagement.

fb groups.png

Grow your business using Facebook Groups

Facebook is dead, Instagram and Snapchat are in!  Maybe true but!


I haven't met one online business person who didn't know what a Facebook Group was but I have met many who are clearly afraid to build a business using Facebook Groups.

Here are the myths:

  • Groups are an extra step to add to my already busy plate
  • Groups are not worth it because you can't promote yourself
  • The groups I am in are ICKY and therefore I am afraid of mine being the same
  • Groups are hard to build

Here are the truths:

  • Groups are meant for social interaction so when built that way, they can build your business exponentially
  • Groups take time but do not take EXTRA time.
  • Groups require a plan of action
  • It is very easy to stand out from the crowd with a group
  • Facebook is spending their own resources maximizing the possibilities with groups FOR FREE right now

If you are a service provider:  A coach, A nutritionist, A membership owner, A teacher then you absolutely need to maximize a group for your business building.

Why are Groups so important for service providers??

Have you ever heard the term that it takes buyers at least 7 times to see your stuff in order to convert them into a purchase.  I have heard and tested that theory for almost 9 years.  Facebook groups accelerate that!  Your members could see you 7 times in one week and build that trust rapidly.

An email funnel build's trust there is no doubt.  But imagine if you have your members email address, you are able to build connections within your email funnel and your Facebook Group..... BINGO you have hit them at all angles.

But with a group they can really see what you are all about, IF YOU SHOW UP.

Remember what I said earlier?  You need a plan.


Winging a group will only create a shell on Facebook, YET ANOTHER GHOST TOWN.

If you're members walk through a journey that you provide, they will hit that "purchase" button in a heart beat because they know you are genuinely there to help!

Your goal with your group is to:

  • Create a Journey for your Members
  • Make you easy to find
  • Not rely on any algorhithms
  • Enjoy being a part of your own group
  • Build genuine relationships with your members
  • Gather market research based on the activity in your group.

Are you ready to start making that plan and getting your group up and running?

Join is in our FREE WEEKLY WORKSHOP on Facebook.  You will have daily actionable items to get your Facebook Up and running and allow you to stand out from the crowd.


Grow your Facebook Group