11 Facebook Poll Ideas for any Niche

You've seen Facebook Group Polls right but you just don't know how to use them.  I am here to tell you just how valuable Facebook Group Polls are for you for many reasons.

Facebook Polls are a feature that Facebook released for Groups in November of 2017.  They originated on Facebook Pages and then moved into the Group setting.

11 Facebook Poll Ideas for any NICHE.png

Polls are amazing for gathering intel from your Group members.  Why intel?  Well it really allows you to get to know your members and what their pain points are.  But polls can also be used to simply increase engagement in your groups.  Polls don't have to solely be for research, polls can be for FUN.

Members of groups want to have fun in your group, your mission should be to create loyal members of your group.  Members that CHOOSE to jump in your group everyday not because they have been notified but because they WANT to join the conversation.

Here are 10 great Poll Ideas you can use in your groups that will instantly create small wins for your members.  Allowing your "lurkers" an opportunity to participate.  Remember your lurkers are there and you want to find ways to allow them to participate without them feeling pressure to.

10 Poll ideas for your Facebook 💙 Groups!


1⃣ What city are you from?

2⃣ How often are you on Facebook?

3⃣ Your routine before you leave the house?

4⃣ Do you listen to music at work? What app?

5⃣ What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?

6⃣ What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

7⃣ What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

8⃣ What do you want to do on your first day of retirement?

9⃣ Where do you usually shop?

🔟 What meal of the day do you prefer to eat?

*️⃣ Would you rather have to sit or stand all day?


Give them fun Answers to check off too... Make it fun and I guarantee your members will come back for more.

Plus Facebook Loves when you use their tools so they are more inclined to put this post right up on the newsfeed for your members to see.  The more they answer them the more they will be seen in the Newsfeed.

This is a great way to jumpstart your group again.

Give them something fun to participate in and they will show up for those learning opportunities you have MORE OFTEN!