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Start using your Conversation Starter Posts

How to start transitioning into using Conversation Starter posts in your groups.

You’re totally convinced this is what your group needs, you get it!  You get that having a conversation about life and not necessarily what you sell you will start to really develop relationships around your group.

But how do you transition your group into receiving your posts?

I will admit, I was in information dumping mode lately and new I needed to start sharing my own conversation starter posts in my group.  My engagement was taking a hit and I knew what I needed to do.

But I sat looking at my phone before posting wondering, ok how do I transition this when my group is used to seeing a certain type of post?


Then I thought, if I am going through this so is everyone of my NEW MEMBERS starting to use these.

So, here are two easy ways to make a transition into doing it.

1 - Simply post.  “hey guys things are a little dry in here so I decided i want to get to know you more than me share my stuff, this group is about YOU and it’s only fair YOU get to share.

Moving forward you may see some changes in my posts.

My posts will be geared towards us as a community and what we have in common and OF COURSE will include what I am here put on this planet to do, help you with your xxxxxx

What do you say?  Let’s have some fun in here?”


2 - Start right away posting a conversation starter but ease into it.  Share “hey I am sitting here at my laptop getting some work done on my xxxxx and was thinking to myself……. gosh I could totally use some coffee/tea/water/ but I don’t have any, are you a huge coffee/tea/water/ lover too?  When you sit at your laptop and work or sit on your phone and scroll what is your drink of choice?”

What this does it tell people you are working on helping them because you are working on your computer, but it also eases them into having simple conversations.  This makes for a seamless entry into having simple conversations EVERYDAY.

Here is my example I used to transition my group into receiving my own Conversation Starter Posts.

I want to hear how you made the transition.

Share with us how you jumped in with two feet!

If you are unsure what Conversation Starters are. Here is an explanation

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Use your conversation starter posts