Facebook Groups vs Pages: which is better?

Do I open a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page for my business? 

You’ve just started your business and are pulling your hair out how to market it.  Today’s the day of social media right?!? But what the heck do you know, heck that’s why you’re on this page.


Maybe it’s a Network Marketing business, maybe a it’s an Etsy business, maybe a Real Estate business?  

You have seen big and small businesses on Facebook and you have probably been told you should start a Facebook page.  

Or you are part of a big social group on Facebook and think, maybe this is the direction I should go? 

I’m here to make your decision clear as day. Whew, I hope you’re thinking.  

Things to consider while making this decision.

  1. Are you planning on spending money on advertising? 
  2. Do you have a physical location? 
  3. Do you have existing Testimonials you would like to share?
  4. Is it your game plan to build a tight knit community?
  5. Would you rather have warm leads or cold leads?

Ok now that we have that out of the way.  Let's discuss your situation based on these considerations.

I have a facebook ad budget

Awesome!  Most do not when they first start out.  They typically spend their ad budget on training themselves to place the ads.  Which I think is super smart.  But here is my take on using your Facebook Ad Budget.

If you have an established Facebook Page and following you are more likely to get traction on your page and Ad money spent will be worthwhile for you.  

But if you are just starting out, I would recommend building a community for free or very little money, get your feet off the ground understanding what your community needs and then create a Facebook page for advertising purposes.

We know that Facebook does not favor free when it comes to using a Business page so if you are thinking your posts will be seen on your page over a Facebook Group you are sadly mistaken.  That's just the way the FB pages roll. 

I have a physical location

If you are a brick and morter business then it will behoove you to open up your Facebook Page first.  This way your customers can physically find you.  You will be more likely to drive traffic to your physical location from Facebook Ads directed specifically to your location.  This should be your first step before a Facebook Group.  If you have raving fans of your product then think about opening up a group but I think with a physical location your time will be well spent on your page. 

I have customers who have written testimonials

If you have an established business and your customers are so happy with what you have to offer, then my suggestion is to start your Facebook Page first.  Ask then politely to place their recommendations and testimonials on your page.  This is an incredible feature that Facebook offers and is a quick way for you to show social proof to your potential new customers.  Start with the page, focus on your testimonials and then start to consider a group.  If you know that your customers are happy then you know that they will also want to connect in a smaller setting.  What better a way to connect happy fans.  So, in this case both options will benefit you and your business. 

if I have a tight knit community i will succeed

Your business is geared around others lifting each other up. Maybe you have a Health and Fitness business, an online marketing business, a Wellness business, a Network Marketing business, and even an Real Estate business where word of mouth is key to your success.

How best to achieve success on a word of mouth business is genuine conversation.  I mean genuine conversation, not here is my link please by and share with your friends.  LEGIT .... conversation.  

If you are ready to spend time on conversation so that your community can't say enough about you and what you have to offer than Facebook Groups are your Key to Success.  

If you still aren't sure about whether your brand fits in this category I have put together a CHECKLIST for you that simply answers the question whether you need a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group. 

cold leads are totally fine

This is a tricky one.  Let's say we have physical products to sell and we really don't need lifers.  If we sell our physical product once to a customer that is probably the first and last time we will see them.  I am sure there are situations like this and in this case having only a Facebook Page would fit your needs. 

But if you are looking for those people who have purchased your product to refer their friends than having a Facebook Group is the way to go.

Let's say you have an etsy shop that sells Drinkware with whimsical sayings on them.  Why not start a Facebook Group geared toward the conversation of drinking their fluids in whimsical mugs.

People love to show off their fun side and here you have given them an opportunity to share with the group their fun side and an opportunity for you to see what the public likes.  This may be more intel for you to create more product or just an opportunity for you to share with their friends that you too have that product in your shop if their friends want it. 

Really in a nutshell I believe that groups will work for just about any business you own but there are still businesses that would not be ideal for a group.  You just have to decide what your conversation goals around your product are.  If you are having a hard time deciding, here is the link to get my free Facebook Page vs Facebook Group Checklist.  If you're business is not listed make sure and shoot me an email and I would be happy to send you my personal opinion based on your situation.