What everyone ought to know about Creating a Facebook Group from scratch - 3 Simple Steps

Don’t be intimidated with creating a Facebook Group!

So many darn people hold off creating a group because they are terrified of failing.
Truth is you can fail at anything right?

So why not build a community where the people you want to hang out with - HANG OUT!

Let’s get to it.

You should already be active on Facebook as a user or a consumer.  Let’s face it, if you’re not on the platform now you probably won’t enjoy being on it now.

If you enjoy spending time with your virtual friends and would love to create a community wrapped around your business and your ideal client.

It’s time to start taking notes.

Let's Do this

1. Decide you are DOING THIS!  Like for REAL doing it!  A FB group done half-ass is a waste of time.  I’m not even referring to spending all day in a group.

I’m referring to deciding that


……..ok now that you’ve made that decision - the sky is the limit! 


2. Decide what Journey you want your members to go on.

(I know you wanted me to say - “pick the name of my group” - girlfriend you can find that all over the Internet!  I’m here to tell you what NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT! )

Repeat after me

“I want my community member to show up in this group and feel important, heard, and belongs.  I want them to show up without relying on the notifications because they want to be there.  They will have conversations about ____________ (your business) and how it relates to their life.  They will end the day saying I love _________ (your name)’s Group.  She totally GETS ME and I always feel like she is reading my mind.  She has taught me ________ this week and I’m going to use it!” 

If you can nail this ONE THING.

Your Group will be above the rest! 

create a name.png

3. Last but not least - PICK A NAME!

Your name should tell people what to expect in that group AND show up in a Search for “xx” (your service you provide) 

I’ll give you an example - I originally named my group the same name as my business “Community Cafe” (honestly nothing wrong with it, but wouldn’t you want your name to WORK FOR YOU while you sleep?). So, my FREE COMMUNITY is FACEBOOK GROUP SUCCESS - Community Cafe.

What is it for you? 

My friend Amber Gill - has titled her group BRAIN AND GUT HEALTH EXPLORERS (you tell me that doesn’t explain what to expect in the group?!) 

If you can cross off these 3 SIMPLE STEPS that are guaranteed to bring you a SUCCESSFUL FB GROUP than the rest will follow.  Creating a Facebook Group will be a piece of cake!

Come Share your group in the Free Community Cafe.