Your Perfect Facebook Group Screening Questions Creation Formula

You started your Facebook Group and you know you want a certain type of person in your group but you just don't know what questions to ask.

Facebook allowed for "ask your new members questions" back in May of 2017 according to this article by Tech Crunch .

So I have laid out a very easy formula for you!


Remember you are building a community, communities are based on similarities, conversation, and the “I have your back” mentality.  Right?!?

So when you are thinking of your questions you must have that in mind.

Typically we just come across the same boring questions:

Where did you find me?

What are your struggles?

Join my List?

What part of those questions READS community?

Your goal is to provide an EPIC place for your community to hang out in right.

Ok let’s keep moving....



You wouldn’t have this group open if you didn’t want to provide a service.

We have to think about What Kind of Service do we want to offer our Tribe/Group/Community.



Let’s take a group built for your health and fitness business and your target audience is Moms who don’t have the time to workout.

Your Service - Helping Moms discover that they do have the time to workout they just don’t know it yet, I will make sure they know how and why they can find the time.


Let’s take a group geared towards a local community, you are a Realtor who wants to build a community of trust and referrals.  You want to provide all the services they may need so they think of you first when someone needs to buy and sell a home.

Your Service - Create a close knit community, maybe bring your neighborhood back together so that neighbors know and trust each other, can refer each other for services and have the coolest “virtual” and local neighborhood in town so they know like and trust THEIR REALTOR.



You know there are some of your friends who just annoy the hell out of you right?? You know the ones.  You love them but they drive you nuts.

Well, if this is going to be the world’s most epic group around its got to have personality.

When you are looking for people who are the right fit, don’t you want to make sure you will connect with their personality or better yet, get fair warning they may be the annoying one you may need to look out for.  (in a good way of course)

It is also a well known fact that people spend time on social media when they know they will have a good time.  

Your Sure-Fire Facebook Group Screening Questions Creation Formula


QUESTION #1 - COMMUNITY -  We as a (Group/Club/Society/Community) are so excited to have you!! We would love to know where you stumbled upon us?

This provides a warm welcome, a glad to have you, a we have your back mentality, where did you find us provides you with some SEO intel in a fun way.

QUESTION #2 - SERVICE - In our (Group/Club/Society/Community) we want to make sure you (will find the time FOR yourself you are looking for)(will connect with your neighbors, have access to all the insider referrals and services and make this the best virtual block party around)(use your service) is that something you are looking for?

This allows you to share what they can expect in the group and get them excited about it because they know you will fill their needs.

QUESTION #3 - PERSONALITY - As part of (Name your group) we like to keep things fun.  Do you like to spend time in groups having fun or learning? It’s ok to say both.

This gives them an easy win by answering a yes or no question but it also gives them an opportunity to share a little more about their personality giving you an insight of what to expect.

There go for it.  I want to see what you come up with.  Quick make sure you are a part of my Growing NEW community called Community Cafe with Anna Gray or follow me on Instagram where I am sharing DAILY tips on running your Communities.