How I’ve grown my email list using a Facebook Group

We have always been told that having an email list is a must in any business.


  1. It is the only thing you own in your business.

  2. If all the social media platforms that you are building your business on disappeared tomorrow you would still have a business.

  3. It is a way to ensure that your clients or future clients are receiving your message.

I am a Facebook Group expert and I FIRMLY still believe in this.

What if Facebook went away tomorrow?  Where would my business be?

(ha and if you were on Facebook March 13th you would know this is a legitimate problem at least for a day)

Don’t worry I have a back up plan?  I have a backup plan because I have an email list!

So how do you do both?

I will share with you how I have built my list and my Facebook Group all at once.

  1. When I invite people to my group, I make sure they go to a landing page first.  “Join my Community”, “Join my Workshop”,”Join us”.

    1. Send them to an optin page and make sure the Thank you page has the link for them to JOIN your group

    2. Make sure the first email you send them also has a link to your Facebook Group

  2. When you post any sort of information in your group, make sure the information you share has the ability to have your group members optin if they haven’t already.

    1. Sometimes people find your group outside of you sharing it but you want to make sure they end up on your list.

  3. Make sure you have an opportunity for them to Optin in your welcome post.  You will want to make sure they stay connected with you at all levels and the welcome page is an EASY way to ensure they see the opportunity.

  4. Every Optin I have out in the interweb’s thank you page, directs that person to my Facebook Group.

Your Email List and your Facebook Group should always go hand in hand!

Your goal is to have an equal number of Group Members to your Email list.

Bonus Tip:  Always weave your emails with what is going on in your community.   Maybe they left for some reason, give them an opportunity to come back.

Your Email List and your Facebook Group should always go hand in hand.

fb group list.png