How to Grow your Facebook Group

There are so many people out there who have failed at their Facebook Groups. I hope that is not you, I hope you are here because you want your group to grow and succeed.

I am not one to write a book either. So, I am going to shoot you a few tips I share regularly in FREE COMMUNITY CALLED the COMMUNITY CAFE.

1 - Make sure people who are checking your profile can quickly see where they can find your group. Add it in your profile.

2 - Find at least 3-5 Groups where your ideal clients would be hanging out, spend 10 minutes a day and be helpful and social in those groups. Building relationships are what is going to grow a hugely successful groups.

3 - Remind people you connect with that you have a group and it is THE place to be!

4 - Make sure it is in your signature line on your email.

Do these help? Come on in and let me know if these tips help or better yet come join us in our community where I share actionable items for your own FB group DAILY. Facebook Group Success - Community Cafe

See you there!