New Facebook Group Updates and how these will affect your Facebook Groups

It’s been a while since Facebook has launched a whole new Facelift to their mobile platform but this time Facebook Groups is at forefront for change.

See, facebook groups have been around since August of 2005, they have been used and abused, we’ve all been there, many of us hadn’t started using them until one of our friends went and added us to a group that we didn’t want to be a part of.

Remember those days?

For me, I have been utilizing Facebook Groups since 2009.

In fact, I build a 6 figure online business solely through Facebook Groups.  I have had 100s of groups, pop up groups, long-term groups, accountability groups, business groups, you name the group and I have started it and managed it.

So, why today?  Why are groups so important today?

Mark Zuckerberg, has been very vocal about creating a more “trustworthy platform”

“Everywhere you can see and connect with friends, you’ll be able to see and connect with groups; it’s going to be woven into the fabric of Facebook.” - Mark Zuckerberg
taken from the New York Times article April 30, 2019.

Also, people are using the Facebook platform differently than when it first started

“By far, the three fastest-growing areas of online communication are private messaging, groups and Stories,” Mr. Zuckerberg

So, what does this mean to you as a business owner or entrepreneur?

This means that right now you should be taking advantage of these changes.

We will see more in our feed from the Facebook Groups we are in than from what our friends post on their feed.  By doing this Facebook has less on their hands to control.  The Facebook Group owners control the content.

This means You my friend are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your group!

First here are some of the updates that are scheduled to roll out the first week of April 2019.

  1. They are focusing on Spotlighting Facebook Groups, creating a Facebook Groups Tab on the new Mobile App View

  2. The way Facebook will be displaying group posts will be in a designated space on your app.

  3. Facebook is making it easier to recommend your groups to others based on their activity. If you watch a video on a certain subject (they gave The Red Table Talk as an example) then Facebook will recommend to you to be a part of the group that may surround that topic (example the Red Table Talk Fan Group)..

  4. Facebook is focusing solely on Communication, Networking, and conversation, what happens to the information you share in your group? Yep I have a strategy for that!! (but you gotta watch above ;))'s something you may already have in your group.

    Facebook says it is integrating a Meet New Friends option into its new groups design to help people meet who may have a shared online interest and a real-world connection that means they can connect in the real world.  They are trying to connect your members for you!! SCORE!! 

Here are some great strategies you can use to maximize these changes!

  1. Since Facebook is going to be displaying group posts prominently I would suggest developing a set of hashtags for your groups to use where your members will automatically KNOW that the post they are seeing is from YOUR GROUP!  COME UP WITH THOSE #’S

  2. I would suggest you have your Facebook Page linked to your Facebook Group.  Not for you to use in your group as the “poster” but because if you are using live video on your page, Facebook is most likely going to recommend those who are watching your video to JOIN YOUR GROUP.  They want to help keep that conversation going…….. hint hint…. conversation is where it is at!

  3. Facebook want's to get the information dumping off your feed so they most likely will hide your Information posts/Links shared etc.  But don’t fret!!  Have those conversations around that information and UTILIZE THE UNIT FUNCTION in your groups.  It is there and we really have’t used or tested it to its greatest ability.  This will be an opportunity if you are a group that uses information as part of your content.  Go ahead and put that information in your units and make sure your members know it’s there.

Other Features that are being added to this new view

  1. Facebook is adding addition features to groups that are Support related groups like health and fitness groups.  If you have one of those groups your group members will be able to ask you to post on behalf of them.  Facebook is doing it’s best at protecting those who want their business private but encouraging those to also reach out for help.  I personally have not seen this feature in action but will be creating more training around it

  2. If you are a gamer you are in luck, Facebook is creating environments where gamers can come together in groups.  Again, I have not seen this in action but wanted to make sure and mention this as it has been announced this week.

If you are struggling with ENGAGEMENT IN YOUR GROUP and would like more help with utilizing these Strategies Join us in our weekly Workshop

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