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Grow your business using Facebook Groups

Facebook is dead, Instagram and Snapchat are in!  Maybe true but!


I haven't met one online business person who didn't know what a Facebook Group was but I have met many who are clearly afraid to build a business using Facebook Groups.

Here are the myths:

  • Groups are an extra step to add to my already busy plate
  • Groups are not worth it because you can't promote yourself
  • The groups I am in are ICKY and therefore I am afraid of mine being the same
  • Groups are hard to build

Here are the truths:

  • Groups are meant for social interaction so when built that way, they can build your business exponentially
  • Groups take time but do not take EXTRA time.
  • Groups require a plan of action
  • It is very easy to stand out from the crowd with a group
  • Facebook is spending their own resources maximizing the possibilities with groups FOR FREE right now

If you are a service provider:  A coach, A nutritionist, A membership owner, A teacher then you absolutely need to maximize a group for your business building.

Why are Groups so important for service providers??

Have you ever heard the term that it takes buyers at least 7 times to see your stuff in order to convert them into a purchase.  I have heard and tested that theory for almost 9 years.  Facebook groups accelerate that!  Your members could see you 7 times in one week and build that trust rapidly.

An email funnel build's trust there is no doubt.  But imagine if you have your members email address, you are able to build connections within your email funnel and your Facebook Group..... BINGO you have hit them at all angles.

But with a group they can really see what you are all about, IF YOU SHOW UP.

Remember what I said earlier?  You need a plan.


Winging a group will only create a shell on Facebook, YET ANOTHER GHOST TOWN.

If you're members walk through a journey that you provide, they will hit that "purchase" button in a heart beat because they know you are genuinely there to help!

Your goal with your group is to:

  • Create a Journey for your Members
  • Make you easy to find
  • Not rely on any algorhithms
  • Enjoy being a part of your own group
  • Build genuine relationships with your members
  • Gather market research based on the activity in your group.

Are you ready to start making that plan and getting your group up and running?

Join is in our FREE WEEKLY WORKSHOP on Facebook.  You will have daily actionable items to get your Facebook Up and running and allow you to stand out from the crowd.


Grow your Facebook Group