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How to write Facebook Group Captions that sell

Your Facebook Group Captions are not working and I am here to tell you why!

Let’s dig deep!

You start your group and you post - you post your content - your content you THINK people need.

Let’s say you sell a digital course about Relationships with Money, you invite people to your free FB Group via a Relationship with money Checklist Freebie, like my friend Kat at

They enter the group going YAY!!! I found this place because I will set my money woahs at bay. Then tomorrow hits, the next day, the next month, the next year and you go ——wait?!?!? Where did all my people go? They don’t comment, they don’t like anymore? They were here but now their gone!

I know WHY, you wanna know??

Literally KNOW ONE Is talking about this..

They say —- go — post more engaging content, so you create challenges, you create calls to action about your money and NOTHING!

Here is why —

People join for the content + they stay for the COMMUNITY!

Think about this

You join a group because you connect to this Real Estate agent - you’re starting to look for houses but you’re not ready to pull the trigger but you love her vibe.

She shares Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate everyday

But you’re not focusing on Real Estate everyday in your life

So what is going to happen?

You tune her out —- not because you don’t like her but because you don’t need her today - or tomorrow - etc

Then you forget you’re in her group so you don’t check in 

She as the group leader goes ——> where did all my people go?? Why don’t they engage - comment - like - ask questions?

Flip the Script!! 

Hang out with them as human beings who connect and have ME TOO experiences and guess what??

When it’s time to look at houses — THEY CONNECT WITH YOU —— YOU’RE HUMAN —- you’ve had time to connect with them as a HUMAN!!

They know you sell houses because you weave that in the conversation naturally....

People know I play hockey and my friends call me Banana because I weave that in there.

When it’s time to share a resource you created —— share it in the group —- they love you and trust you and find you as a friend..

OK, so now you’re probably going WTH??!?!? How do I create posts like that?

the rock gif.gif

I’ve got your back, I have made it EASY as PIE!!

OMBG... Finally... something about Facebook and FB groups that actually makes sense! Thank you soo much. I never thought of it like that before! 💕
— Our Community Cafe Member

I created a program from my heart called CONVERSATION STARTER in November of 2018 after listening to my own Free Groups struggles with their engagement. I knew I had a gift of conversation starter captions when my free group said to me “YOU SHOULD SELL THESE, MY GROUP IS LOVING THESE SAMPLES”

So I did and the rest is history, we dig DEEP into groups and the psychology of why people do what they do.

This is not a simple JUST POST ENGAGING FACEBOOK GROUP GAMES. These posts are INTENTIONAL and create a ME TOO experience with your members so that YOU CAN SPEND TIME SELLING what


If you are not ready to dig into something like that then JOIN us in our FREE COMMUNITY where I share samples all the time that you can use.

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