Conversation Starter Beta

FB Groups fail when the conversation dies.

People join your group for the information but they stay for the Conversation.


join conversation starter

Join me in this unique opportunity to be a part of a movement. I am opening up my Beta program for a small number of Founding/Beta members at a very discounted rate.

You will receive 30 days of Facebook Group Post that you can simply copy and paste in your group. No matter what your niche.

These posts are guaranteed to bring your members together and allow you to stand out as the LEADER, the one who brings them an amazing experience.

By leading the conversation, the monetization of your group becomes a piece of cake.

BETA - You will help me make this group perfect with YOUR FEEDBACK. I will help you shift your posts in order to bring your members back in your group on a regular basis. You will be a part of a private fb group conversation with the other Beta members working through making your group amazing.

Beta Closes 11:59pm EST Oct 31st


The Posts

30 days of copy and paste posts you can use in your group the entire Month.

30 days of image inspiration you can use or use as inspiration for your posts.

Bonus posts geared directly towards your niche

Bonus posts geared towards the current holiday season.

Beta Community

Work together with the other founding members on how to make your group stand out above the rest. Think of this as a bonus mastermind group!