My New Facebook Group - The Course

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My New Facebook Group - The Course


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Facebook Groups are the most consistently effective and easiest way to grow your small business long term!

But without a clear plan for your group and a strategy, your group will just flop like so many have over the years!

The easy-to-follow lesson videos in My New Facebook Group  will teach you how to create create your new Facebook Group, get it started with a plan and strategy so you can start developing those relationships that will carry your business for years and make your group STAND out from the crowd! 

You could waste your time searching for ineffective simple ways to create your group, waste your time building a ghost town group, waste your money using FB ads growing a group with zero engagement OR you can enroll in My New Facebook Group and have a Facebook Group plan by tomorrow!

My New Facebook Group:

  • Create your group name that stands out and is easy to share
  • Create a red carpet experience for your new members
  • Smash the Old School Ways of Running groups
  • Have your first 30 days of your group planned


That’s an awesome price for what’s out there. Thank you - Lana D.
You really need to know the strategy behind what you intend to create and how this FB group will fit into your overall goals.

THIS is exactly why I am not getting what I wanted from my group! I loved the segment on the different types of groups. - Marissa S.