Conversation Starter [Annual Membership]


Conversation Starter [Annual Membership]

99.00 every 12 months 276.00 every 12 months

Any of these sound Familiar?

When it comes to your Facebook Groups Engagement

You started strong, now no-one sees your posts or comments?

You're un-inspired to show up daily because of lack of engagement.

You built your Facebook Group because you wanted to build a group of loyal raving fans who

Found your content valuable

Found you to be an incredible resource

Helped your audience with an amazing transformation

You really don't want to close your Facebook Group but you

Just don't know how to turn it around

Your Group is your Baby.  You don't want to close it down but you just can't find a way to bring it back to life.

What if I made your life as easy as Pie?

What if I hand delivered your Facebook Group Posts that are guaranteed to get your group talking and connecting on a much deeper level than just the product or service you have to offer?

What if I gave you back hours of YOU thinking of "what new post will get them to talk"?

Give me 30 days with you and I guarantee the engagement in your group will double.

Your cold market will turn into a hot market, one that your members will be lining up to purchase from you.

Your MODULES will be UNLOCKED two weeks at a time which will allow you plenty of time to plan them out, but keep them fresh enough

I want this!