Work with Anna

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Anna has been running successful Facebook Groups for the past 9 years. She has been lasting relationships and a 6 figure coaching business all by using the Relationship and Connection Strategy she currently teaches to Coaches and Course Creators!

Here is your opportunity for you to get inside her brain and have her customize the strategy around YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR COMMUNITY!

20 Min Group Audit

I will access your Facebook Group and send you a 20 minute personalized video of your Facebook Group and any suggestions I have based on my Relationship and Connection Strategy.

Group Audit + Coaching

I will thoroughly go through the process I use for Creating a Group + Engaging a Group + Growing a Group. I will give you the strategy for Attracting New Ideal Client’s to your Facebook Group. Give you strategy on how to structure your group for maximum engagement. I will give you growth strategies based on your Ideal Client and vision for your group. + 1 hour Zoom Strategy session with me to answer any burning questions you may have based on my Audit.